In more than 40 rooms you will see how different wood designs look like. Enjoy in our rich Photo Galleries
"The secret power of beauty"

Tango Art designs bring emotions of travelling from all over the world. Inspiration, taken from nature, we enrich with the spirit of different cultures. Like the artworks, designs from Tango Art bring the joy, elegance and magic to your home.
"Nature highlights"

Our elegance and sophisticated Tango collection features the finest one-pieces wood planks found in nature, designed and crafted exclusively for you. In our Tango Gallery , you will get some fresh ideas for incorporating a new floor into your space.
"Impressively different"

Fabulous Salsa Art collection will inspire you to give a personal touch to everything you do with a glimpse of art found in every single board. Stunning rooms from Salsa Art Gallery will leave you breathless.
"Wide selection of colors and wood species"
Salsa, the most diversified wood flooring collection, takes in the energy of nature to your living space and gives special meaning to your life. In Salsa Gallery, you can see beautiful rooms that bring in the most precious memories.
"Simple solution for every taste"

Our joyful Samba collection features the most convenient wood flooring that harmonize the beauty and power that exist in nature. Samba spaces reflects your personality and explain what are the beauties of simple way of living.