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Planning on wood flooring for your future projects? Want to learn about the many benefits of choosing our superior quality prefinished wood floors? See the beauty of our floors for yourself and let your creativity be your guid!

"The secret power of beauty"

"Nature highlights"

"Impressively different"
Tango Art collection provides you with unique designs that bring emotions from journeys through beautiful cities all over the world. Using the inspiration that we took from nature we created artistic and reach designs from Tango Art.
Tango collection brings you the finest one-piece wood planks found in nature, designed and crafted exclusively for you. Tasteful edge details and reach texture will guide you to delightful flights of fancy, discovering a whole new meaning of style.
Artisan Salsa Art collection combines wood with the latest advances in imaging, texturing and finishing to redefined a meaning of natural art and create the most authentic wood flooring.

"Wide selection of colors and wood species"

"Simple solution for every taste"
Salsa, the most diversified wood flooring collection, brings the power of nature to your living and working space. Wood species from all over the world, 30 designs and various surface effects are carefully designed to rediscover charms of emotions and little secrets of life.
Samba, bridge between tradition and modern with the most common wood species and design range, leaves no space for surprises. It's simple solution for every taste. Beautiful wood designs display variety of natural lines, combine it with durability and provide attractive interiors.