The most recognized Interior Designer and Style Experts carefully matched Tarkett wood flooring with our wide selection of skirting - to make your living and working area even more refined and create the perfect finish to your floors!
To help you complete the new look of your floor, we have developed high quality veneered skirting, that will fit to your flooring area.
Our desire to accommodate all needs of our clients took us one step further and ended up with a UNIQUE SOLUTION ON MARKET - Skirting match proposal, that shows what skirting profile can be matched with each design in a sense of three principles:

1. Full match - proposal which gives 100% match combination of parquet and skirting design
2. Complementary match - proposal which offers a balance between parquet and skirting design
3. Daring match - proposal which results contrast and differentiation between parquet and skirting design
Using this scheme, every customer can create its own picture of space, by combining variety of walls colors, parquet and skirting designs and all other details that make it special.

To dare, to balance or to be original!